As a thief mastered, He sneaked

As a snake slithered, He crawled

As the cover of the night, He filled in defiantly

Like the shout of the Israelites

The walls of my Jericho he broke

On the basement softest, a mansion elaborate

He built

Filled with love and joy and happiness

For at hello, He had me

With an apparent purity

Of heart

Gazeful of love

Smileful of beauty

Gait exuding manliness

The gentle and smooth seduction of his wit

For in my labyrinth of a heart

His magnificent home he built



In a jolt, a whistle

A blink, a haze

A tornado of fate

Upon us descended

Away washed in a haste frenzied

Leaving me

Dishevelled and disintegrated

Limp, weakened

Insatiable and untrusting

Pained, threatened

Unsure and unstable

Sick, thickened

Unfair and unkind

A black pit with

But a pinprick of light

At the farthest end.