I pledge to Nigeria
My Country
To be faithful, loyal & honest
To serve her with all 
My strength 
To defend Her honour & glory
So help me GOD. 
This ȋ̝̊̅s a pledge all Nigerian children take in their growing phases. But what happens to that joy in recital, that innocence of heart and beautiful enthusiasm? What becomes of that silent promise of sainty hearts? We grow, we forget, we adapt, to a life of struggles and pain, murdered dreams and fatal stories, we forget that solemn promise of yesteryears with GOD as our witness? 
Today, our nation grovels, eating pain and drinking tears, not because of these preventable disasters, but because we FORGET, we forget that pact we have as a nation, we ignore the wailings of Mother Nigeria and run after the vanity of selfish ends (if only it buys our eternal tickets), we forget that the labours of our heroes past should not be in vain, we forget that the responsibility of nation building ȋ̝̊̅s collective…our FORGETFULNESS cost us.
Nigeria weeps, other nations feigning symphaty but mocking her children’s foolishness. We place our nation on shaky pedestals, waltzing with our clueless leadership on a crumbling stage of hypocrisy.
To those departed, may your souls REST IN PEACE, to their families, may the good LORD grant you strength in your pained hearts to live this through. And to NIGERIANS…forget not!!!